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Project Planning


This guide is to help out and give some tips on how to run a large project and to insure best result as possible.

We assume you have done the planning needed and your project is accepted. First, I recommend that you use time. The most important part of the project is how you layout the city. That means also how easy or understandable you make it for other builders to help.

Step 1:

  • Don’t think you will open the project for others to help at once. (I used around 2 months before I opened Harlond to the public, when I first started that project. Won’t take that long for you, back then I waited for some custom blocks. But it gave me time to plan and layout correctly.)

Before you open the project to the public I recommend that all this should be done: Roads, city walls, plots with the right information, spawn guide, trees and fill in details.

Step 2:

Make a spawn guide, this is needed so people get the right information before they start building. And this also helps so you are not needed to be on the server for someone to build. Spawn guide should include:

  • Project board. (For basic information/news, right where the warp is. So when someone warps to your project, they will always see the project board. Great to notice people if something new happens.)
  • Example houses. (Make a example houses, with guidelines. For a human city you need a example house for each class. If you are going to have ruins, make a example house for that as well.)
  • Block palette. (Pretty much, what blocks you are allowed to build with or witch you are not, in Dale there was no information about this, and people started using elven blocks.)
  • Interior example. (You should also make a good example explaining interior, Guan made a really good dwarven house guide, take a look at this and see how he explains the interior stuff.)

A guide like this should be placed in the air close to your project. This is really needed, and it helps a lot. As a project leader it can be quite annoying if people do mistakes. It's not fun to go and fix every single house people build, more guiding = less mistakes.

Step 3:

Start doing the roads, city walls and plots. Here is a picture from Harlond:

alt text

Step 4:

Purpose, we are a server focusing on realism. Make sure everything has a purpose that make sense. All from towers, houses, sheds, professions, etc.

We have custom project blocks that helps a lot when it comes to communication and workflow.

alt text

Each plot should provide this:

  • A name block.
  • Class block. (A middle class house, look at the middle class house example at the spawn guide.)
  • Information. (Who lives there, profession, etc.)
  • You can also add main material and roof block.

We also have a block named: special block.

  • When there is no special blocks means you can build it without any other requirements.
  • This is made with thought that everyone can have a chance to build cool stuff and get as best result as possible.

Short explanation of the “special block”: You will normally find five different uses of the “special block”.

  1. Some extra special information about the building. (If the building burned, robbed or whatever that people need to notice.)

  2. Apply on the forums: Stuff that needs a bit more planning before building. Post your layout/research/tests on the forum post. Some of the buildings has extra information. (If you are applying for a building you don’t need to build the entire building on plots, the facade should be enough. If you tell me about your plans and ideas too, that would be great.) (Guilds, mansions, inn’s, parks, square etc.)

  3. Build at least “number” approved houses in Harlond to qualify. Somethings will always be a bit more challenging to build. I think this will give a better result, than jumping on it as your first build. It will also give you some extra motivation, you gotta work to get to the cool stuff!

  4. Test on plots: Is basically the same as building in the air. If I like it, I’ll paste it in. Often more specific buildings. If i’m not online, I want you to post a picture of the building on the forum, so I can give you better feedback on it. If I like it I’ll paste it in. Windmills, lighthouse, stables, will be under this category.

  5. Ask permission from project leader.

Step 5:

Everything should now be ready, open it. Start building and have fun. You can always open sections, so you don’t need to layout the entire town before you start building.

When doing a house on the server for any project this is kind of the main rule: When building a house you should do both exterior and interior, as well as the small gardens around, and the house is not done before it is approved by project leader.

I have also been working on a in-game guide, /warp howtoplan This guide is not finished and needs some editing. But it should help out.

> This guide was created by Kemce